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Helicopters fleet in your pocket

Turboshaft engine needs to perform regularly power check to determine the engine condition. This is achieved by comparing engine actual performance with its limits presented on the FLM charts. Helitrends makes it simple and do it automatically.

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No more manual plotting

The Helitrends mobile application includes digitized charts and works in the same way as flight manual procedures. Calculate engine performance effortlessly, allowing you to make key decisions to enhance the way in which your helicopter works.


Enough Power Or Not

Imagine being able to assess, analyse and monitor every aspect of a helicopter's performance, with minimal fuss and maximum results. This data can be seamlessly integrated and shared with pilots or engineers and you'll likely think that all of the above seems too good to be true.

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The right service for you

Who is the app for?


Tired of complicated FLM procedures? Just enter values, all the rest is done automatically. Saves you time, making pilot duties and daily routine a lot easier.


You get access into an application equipped with many tools for data analysis. All-in, easy and intuitive, using paperless processes. Proactive maintenance starts here.


Save money and get better results. Improve data flow. Important information is shared immediately between your personnel.

Helicopter operators

Take your fleet to a higher level


Keep your company data in one place

With this solution, you gain access for unlimited users and unlimited mobile devices within your company account. This means that every pilot, engineer, technician, chief pilot, and everyone else in your company can access real-time data. Collaboration has never been easier.

iPhone app screen containing your helicopters fleet

Wide helicopters fleet


  • AS350B2
  • AS350B3/B3e
  • AS350BA
  • AS350BA+
  • AS350D
  • AS350FX2
  • AS350SD/SD1/SD2
  • AS355F1/N


  • B206B/B3
  • B206L1/L3/L4
  • B212
  • B222
  • B230
  • B407
  • B412
  • B505


  • A109E, A109S, A119, AW139
  • BK117 B-2
  • EC135 T1/T2/T2+
  • MD500C/D/E, MD520N, MD530F
  • Robinson R66

Coming soon

  • More manufacturers
  • More twin engine helicopters
  • More helicopters? Ask about them

What customers say about us

Great app and so far with 9 helicopters and 22 personnel with access to the information, we can now truly track the performance of each aircraft and each pilot can see what the aircraft is doing performance wise and all with a couple of simple and easy clicks on the app.

— Alan

— Hawkeye Helicopter, Director of Rotor Wing Operations

I emailed Helitrends Custumer Support and within 48 hours response was “sure we can add this helicopter”. I supplied Helitrends with the required aircraft documentation and performance charts and by January 2023, the 505 was added to the app and it works well. It has been disseminated to the 505 community and is now being widely utilized.

— Kenneth

— H125 & Bell505 Pilot


Improve your work and enjoy flying



No credit card required · Free access

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  • 1 helicopter without restrictions
  • single & twin engine helicopters
  • results presented on charts



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  • 30 days free trial
  • unlimited helicopters
  • single & twin engine helicopters
  • results presented on charts
  • new helicopter - ask about them
  • access to engineering support
  • $59.99 billed annually
  • $9.99 when billed monthly

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Provide information to engineer, technician or chief pilot effortlessly when needed.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Anything you want to ask

Power check calculations are performed similarly to manual chart plotting. The app utilizes flight manual procedures and charts, which are then converted into a mathematical model for precise calculations.

You have the flexibility to choose and specify the specific modifications you have installed. This way, the application will incorporate the appropriate chart and requirements into the results.

In FREE account you can add one helicopter. In PREMIUM account you can add as many helicopters as you need.

You can send requests to have the helicopters you need added to the app. Simply locate the "Ask for more options" button on the Helicopter's list and send us your message, or you can contact us directly via email at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Trend monitoring is essential because it allows you to significantly reduce operating costs, detects issues before they become critical, helps in planning maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing your helicopter's operational readiness.

The accuracy of the results is aligned with the precision of the line thickness found in flight manual charts. We've meticulously interpolated points between chart lines with the same level of accuracy as the main lines, ensuring reliability in the calculations and outcomes.

Simply click the "Share" button within the result window, and then send your results using your preferred method, whether it's via email, messenger, SMS, or any other convenient means.

You should follow the Flight Manual (FLM) procedures precisely, just as you would in a traditional manual approach. The only difference is that instead of manual plotting, you only need a phone or tablet. Simply run the Helitrends app, enter the necessary data, and tap the "Calculate" button. It's that simple!

It's entirely up to you. Helicopter data is stored for as long as you need it. You have the flexibility to review and manage your historical results at any time, and you can choose to delete them whenever you like.

Saving your engine data is simple. Just click the "Calculate" button, and your data will be automatically saved into the database.

You can upgrade to Helitrends Teams, which allows you to use the app with an unlimited number of pilots under your company account. This ensures that all data is automatically synchronized between all assigned users.

Simply activate the team free trial and we will manage this for you.

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