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For Pilot

Tired of complicated FLM procedures? Just enter values, all the rest is doing automatically. Save your time making pilot duties and daily routine a lot easier.

For Engineer

You get access into application equipped with many tools for data analysis. All in easy and intuitive way using paperless processes. Proactive maintenance is starting here.

For Owner

Save money and get better results. Improve communication between pilots and ground staff. All data are automatically shared between your personnel.

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EC135 | AS350BA
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How it works?

Helitrends is a web application that works in the same way as flight manual charts and procedures. Do you perform power check? Simply record TOT and N1, enter prevailing ambient conditions. No more manual plotting. No more multi-variable graphs. The results that you need are at your disposal. Not enough for you? Contact us, we will prepare the solution dedicated to you.

Simplify your routine in 3 steps

Using Helitrends you will spend less time with data recording, collecting and sharing. Just three simple steps to check how it works.

Step 1

Register and Login. Get access to paperless application.

Step 2

Create and configure your helicopter. Since now you can easy choose it by one click.

Step 3

Enter values and get results. See how fast you can see engine performance and forward it automatically.

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Features of helitrends as digital application


Turboshaft engine need to perform regularly power check to determine the engine condition. This is achieved by comparing engine actual performance with its limits presented on the FLM charts. Helitrends makes it simple and do it automatically.

Helicopter Configuration

Customize your helicopter. Since now you have fixed specific Flight Manual procedures available.

Enter Values and Calculate

Mathematical model works like manual charts plotting because it is scanned and prepared using charts and procedure from helicopters FLM.

Enough Power Or Not

See if you are above the limits and have enough power to flight. All results are saved and can be automatically send to your team.

Easy and quick access

Mobile App

This is only the beginning of new quality - helitrends is committed to finding new and better ways to improve your work.

Connect with us anytime, anywhere.

Are you tired of any complicated paper procedure? Ask us for simplify it for you.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Power Check calculation work in the same manner as plotting the charts manually. The application uses the flight manual procedures and charts which were scanned and converted into mathematical model.

Yes, you can select and specify which modification you have installed. Then appropriate additional values will be included in results.

This is up to you. You can add as many helicopters as you need including differrent helicopter type.

The result is calculated with accuracy to 1°C turbine temperature and and 0.1% Ng speed.

Trend monitoring will help you by reducing operating costs, enhancing safety and improving maintenance planning.

The input data are entered with accuracy to 1°C turbine temperature, 0.1% Ng speed, 1°C Outside ambient temperature, 1ft pressure altitude and selection between 60% and 75% of Torque.

There is created the special field in settings menu where you will be able to easy choose and defined as many receiver as you need.

Exactly in accordance with FLM procedures. There is no difference. You need only phone, tablet or computer for input data.

This is up to you. Engine data are stored as long as you wish. At any time you can delete your historical results.

You can save engine data by one click on the button "calculate". Then data are successfully save into database.

Fast response to business needs

Data stored on cloud services is instantly available to authorized users. Due to incorporating algorithms with advanced anomaly detection this can be used to connect many different maintenance issues on helicopters operating in different parts of the world.

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